7 Motivation Letter Advice from Homer Simpson You Should Never Use Yourself

Do you need to proofread a letter of motivation and seek some tips? Learn from this post highlighting the facts about writing and advising things to do and not to do when writing.
letter of motivation tips


Facts about Covering Writing

  • The cardinal sin: Never use the “to whom it may concern” statement in your letter. Get the name and the address of a specific person.
  • Hiring managers do not have time to read long paragraphs because there will be hundreds of applicants, it is more likely recommended to get straight to the point
  • Errors on the motivational letters don’t generate response.
  • Generic letters won’t work. Your cover letter should be organized in accompanying application and should meet the requirements of the company as stated in their job posting.

How to Make a Good Motivational Writing

Letter of motivation dos:

  • Make yourself clear why the company should hire you. Be convincing but not arrogant.
  • Your self-introduction should start with positive points and never mention weak points in the letter.
  • Collect information about the company. During your interview, you will know more about it and it may seem to them that you are interested.
  • Tell how different you are from other people. Make yourself stand-out.


  1. “Average is not enough”

Never copy a motivation letter from other because you have to be unique. It is a personal letter so your own style is what matters most.

  1. “Stick to the point”

Be as concrete as possible in covering writing. Companies should know why they will hire you, so don’t proofread long poetic paragraphs and complex sentences.

  1. “Don’t exaggerate”

Don’t mention skills and experiences you haven’t done before. You have to stay true to yourself.

  1. Don’t forget the CV attachment.

Steps in Motivational Writing

  1. Create a letterhead
  2. proofread your recipient’s name
  3. proofread the first paragraph
  4. The body – where your qualifications should be
  5. Final paragraph – a positive statement about yourself
  6. Proofread

According to Nerd Wallet,

  • Understand your purpose.
  • Create a Venn diagram of skills and attributes.
  • Research, research, and research
  • Be specific and show initiative.
  • Use keyword when referencing your past experiences.
  • Avoid overselling yourself.
  • Address the company’s values.
  • Be original.

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