How to Write a Killer Academic Goal Statement

The requirements may differ from school to school and such they may present pointers to guide you to their area of interest. In general admission committees are basically looking at four criteria’s, such as; the course you are interested in, the real reasons you why you are choosing that course, do you have any experience in that field and once studies are completed, what will you do with your new knowledge.

Those students who have given this subject a lot of consideration and are able to define their interest in the clearest, convincing way, will often be the ones to catch the attention of admission committees. Don’t forget that when you write your statement. The academic goal statement that you should write must convey an intense affinity with your chosen field of study and must indicate substantial background experience that will compliment your field. It should leave no room for doubt about the fact that you are a hard-working student who has committed him to his chosen course.

You can approach the commissions prompts any way you choose, but don’t neglect to answer all the questions they presented. Keep your answer real and logical, don’t revert to unnecessary word uses that will detract from your answers rather than complement and substantiate them. An academic and professional goal’s statement is the key to your future.

Regular Misconceptions

A misconception often encountered relating to goal statements is that many erroneously refer to them as personal statements, this is not accurate. The admission committee is not so much interested in where you grew up and all the mishaps and tribulations of your growing years or any other personal and troubling crises you had to endure. They are however intensely interested in what you plan to research in graduate school, not so much why you want to do it, unless it indicates a strong relation and motivation to your area of interest, nevertheless in statement of academic goals focus on what you plan to contribute.

Construct Your Academic Goal Statement Properly

In an academic goal’s statement don’t waste space with obvious statements that don’t make any real contribution to your goal statement. Your career is at stake, the time for decisive action is now, and there will be no career without a well-written goal statement or motivation letter. So set yourself a reasonable target and stick to it and get your goals statement done pronto, do not procrastinate.  Research the subject on the web now, make notes about things that are guaranteed to work for you. Then sit down and think and define what you would like to convey to the admission committee.

Prepare well and do your academic goal statement properly, it’s the first step towards a great career. Don’t wait, do it now!