How to Write a Strong MBA Goals Essay

Behind the resume and test scores, they want to meet the real you and get an indication of what motivates you and what reasons you can give to assure them that you have the drive to finish what you start. You have to cut open your heart and allow them to peek inside, or install a showroom window so that they can observe you, your hopes and your dreams; this is the ultimate purpose of the MBA goals essay. Your ability to convey to the committee how much value you place on admittance, and what value you are bringing the negotiation table, is the stuff that might just make the difference.

MBA Goals Essay: Preparation Is Everything

We are talking about a process here, a process that needs a measure of decent planning and reflection relating to your aspirations, weaknesses, and strengths. Seeing that the focus at good universities is on what advantage the aspiring student adds to the faculty, you should think along the same lines. Your MBA goal statement or motivation letter should be well thought out and logical. What are your strengths, your dreams, what motivates and can you convince the admittance committee of your passion. You should research all the universities, their respective courses, their culture, their history and what value this institution has added to the economy and community, is it ultimately your institution of choice?

Writing the MBA Career Goals Essay

After you have duly considered all the above points, you should be well prepared to commence writing your perfect MBA goals essay. At this stage avoid focusing on the admittance committee and their preferences; instead, write your essay as honest and interestingly as possible. Try to have as much fun as possible while writing, because that vibe will overflow into your essay, making it more positive and interesting to read.  Since committee members read thousands of essays based on the same questions, you don’t want to be a bore. Use short accounts of interesting incidents in vibrant detail and don’t allow any grammar and spelling mistakes to creep into your work and sidetrack the reader.

Follow the Instructions

Apparently failing to meticulously follow essay instructions are the most common mistake essay writers commit. Your essay should ultimately be a response to the questions that were asked. However, scores of essay writers lose sight of this important objective and it is costing them dearly. It might be helpful to have someone to proofread your essays and challenge them to guess what the original question was, a bit of reverse engineering so to speak, might put you back on track. Your goal statement for MBA is the key to the rest of your future, use it and do it now!

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